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Why do nine out of ten parents choose Kai’s Next Level Mixed Martial Arts After School Program over the rest?

Read on...

Dear Parents,

My Name is Master Kai Evers and if you have a three to thirteen year-old child and are looking for something for them to do after school, look no further. Kai’s Next Level Mixed Martial Arts After School Program of Ozone Park, Queens provides direct pick up at your child's school (check school listing) and transportation to our facility Monday through Friday. Your child will have structured study time, lessons in Martial Arts, stranger danger, anger management, conflict resolution, 911 awareness, fire safety, and so much more.

Check out what parents have to say about why our program is nothing short of AMAZING!!

In America, in 75% of today’s families, both parents work. This figure does not include single family house holds. The average amount of quality time that most parents spend with their children is seven to twelve minutes a day. If you can relate to this dilemma, do not despair. Kai’s Next Level Mixed Martial Arts After School Program is here to change the quality of your families life. After a long, hard day at work, imagine having the luxury of not having to worry about racing to take your child to their extra-curricular activities, or struggling with them to make them finish their homework. Now you can use the limited amount of time that you do have to be with your child each evening. We help you with the rest!

On a daily basis we are working with children of all ages and backgrounds, helping them to achieve their goals. We have a LONG track record of helping parents just like yourself get remarkable result from your children. We've helped handicapped children, and children with ADD and ADHD. The results are something you have to experience for yourself. Kai’s Next Level Mixed Martial Arts After School Program is great alternative to daycare, or an extended day program at your child's school. Your child will be receiving a martial arts education while participating in a character development program. Children will learn to concentrate and focus their energy constructively, which results in better school work and higher grades. They will increase their fitness levels and release energy in a positive manner while they learn to defend themselves in a fun, safe and caring environment.

In addition, we will educate them in "Stranger Danger" and "Bully Busters" - non-violent conflict resolution. The National PTA gives After School Martial Arts Programs their highest rating. In Kai’s Next Level Mixed Martial Arts After School Program, students will exercise, learn how to defend themselves, have fun, learn discipline, manners, and respect for teachers, parents, other students and themselves. After-school kids earn belt rank and gain confidence as they progress. The final product is unshakable confidence and self-esteem that will be with them their entire lives.

For your convenience, we are also open on teacher work days and during half-day schools! We are open when most are closed.

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“Mason has improved so much since he has joined Kai’s Next Level. He pays more attention, gets great colors at Next Level school, and is getting great grades.”
-Laurie Majdanski, Forest Hills, NY
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“My child has a very improved attitude in school, better grades as well. Even his teacher is happy.”
-Thomas Lloyd, Woodhaven, NY
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“Louis has become more focused towards a specific goal since he has been enrolled in your program. We are very proud of him."
-Christine Porco, Ozone Park, NY

Here are a few of the benefits of the After School Program:

  • Improved concentration through what we call the "Rules Of Concentration".
  • More Self Esteem and improved self confidence
  • Understanding self discipline and why it is absolutely necessary for success. This alone often improves grades in school.
  • Increased motivation and the development of a positive mental attitude, allowing them to learn from adversity and grow from achievements.
  • Goal setting skills and practical applications.
  • The self-confidence and self-discipline to say "NO" to drugs and other negative influences.
  • "Stranger Danger" training. Learning how to spot and avoid danger. What to do if danger is unavoidable.
  • Social interaction, sportsmanship, camaraderie and fun!
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“Attending Next Lvl XMA has given
our daughter the confidence and self esteem to improve not only her grades but her character traits and work habits. Her teachers remarked about the enthusiasm that she possesses and her willingness to help others."
-Beverly Wynn, South Ozone Park, NY

It is important that your child have some fun in class. We have developed a series of skill and conditioning building games. We try to include some fun things in every class!

Every Child Is Special

Our Instructors are trained to give each child attention so that every child feels important, makes steady progress and continues to grow and improve.

We get to know each child's strengths, weaknesses and motivation. With many years of combined experience, our instructional staff is focused and competent to meet the needs of even the most challenging students.

Our After School Program is one of a kind. If you’re a parent and you want the best for your child, look no further than Kai's Next Level Mixed Martial Arts. Remember today's children are tomorrow's leader's. There is a difference at Kai's Next Level Mixed Martial Arts School Program, the area's leader in Martial Arts Education.


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