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Kai’s Next Level Mixed Martial Arts Fitness Kickboxing Program

Kai’s Next Level Mixed Martial Arts Fitness Kickboxing Program

Age 15 years old and up.


(or on your own) UNTIL YOU READ THIS!

I've discovered one of the most effective methods for developing a leaner, firmer, and healthier body. At Kai’s Next Level Mixed Martial Arts, our clients know that a training certificate doesn’t mean anything if you don’t have the know-how to get your clients results.

My Name is Master Kai Evers. I am a martial artist and a personal trainer with eleven years of experience. My training philosophy is based on the workouts of Olympic and similar world-champion athletes.  You won’t find any fads or gimmicks here. Our fitness kickboxing classes are about getting RESULTS.  You’ll train in an environment that will inspire you, with instructors that will help you to push yourself safely to get the body you want. Not convinced? Read what one of my clients has to say...

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“I have been doing training for just over a year now and I am addicted to it! Not only is it a great stress relief for a mom of two young girls, but I have lost weight and gotten stronger. I have made great friends coming to Kia’s Next Level Mixed Martial arts and Fitness and they make exercise fun and exciting!”
                                 Traci Rivera - Ozone Park,Queen NY

What we do for you...

Now that you have heard from one of my clients about how successful our training program is, you’re probably wondering what we do to achieve these amazing results.

Listed below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our fitness program.

Q: Will I be doing the same routine everyone else follows?

A: No. Your workout is personalized to your exact needs. After we analyze your present condition, we tailor a program that gives you the results you want. If you want inches off your waistline, your custom tailored program will make it happen. If you want to be stronger and have more endurance, you’ll get that too.

Q: Are you going to make me look like one of those body builders with ugly veins popping out everywhere?

A: We don’t train people to look like body builders. We’ll be training you to be physically fit and healthy, not to win physique contests.

Q: Are you going to help me after I enroll?

A: We help you ever step of the way during each and every workout. We monitor your training and make the necessary adjustments. This is not a gym where we sign people up and forget about them. You are in good hands EVERY TIME you walk into Kai’s Next Level Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness. That is our personal guarantee.

Q: Is this workout something I could be doing on my own?

A: Are you doing it on your own now? If not, admit the truth. You need help. Michael Jordan had a personal trainer. Tiger Woods has a personal trainer. Do you think highly motivated athletes like these could do without one? It helps to have someone coaching you. Doing it alone just doesn't cut it, plus it is not quite as fun as being around like minded people shooting for the same goal as you. All of our staff are expert motivators.

Q: Do you work with me on a diet?

A: Absolutely. We’ll give you a program that will melt your body fat off. Most importantly, it’s a program that is easy to follow. You’ll be able to stay on it for life and you won’t feel deprived. Of course, if you don’t need to be on a diet, We wouldn’t give you one. We would just concentrate on the exercise.

Q: Do you train everyone who asks for your help?

A: We train a “select group” of people. What this means is that you must prove to us that you are worth having as a client. Just because you have the time and money doesn’t mean we’ll take you. We train people who want results. We believe that training people who are not committed wastes time and money- and damages our reputation as a Fitness Center. It is a definite lose-lose situation. We prefer a win-win situation. Also, We only have room for about 15- 20 more full-time clients, not 1,000 people who signed up but never show. If you want us to work with you-you better show us that you are going to take advantage of what we have to teach. But if you think of our services as another class you’d like to “try”- you might as well go to a health club.

What you really want to ask yourself are questions like:

1. Do you want results?

2. Is the overcrowded, unfocused atmosphere of a health club going to give you the results you want?

3. Are you able to get in shape on your own?

As you answer these questions remember this: If you keep doing what you have always done, you’ll keep getting what you have always gotten.

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Kai’s Next Level Mixed Martial Arts Fitness Kickboxing Program
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